Business & Management

Enrolment: Open for all the months

Duration: Depends on academic requirement

Who can be part of this internship?

High School Students, Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Career Changer.

Students of Business studies or administration, Business Law, Sales and Marketing, Logistics management and any subjects related to the Business Management.

Importance of the program: Business Management program is one of best and a great significant program in the present context as the world is globalized with business. And as there’s a boundless of business scope so student can be prepared himself/herself for a successful career in this dynamic worldwide field with the help of this program.


  • Work as a placement worker
  • Brief knowledge about the company
  • Counselling with clients and increasing client base
  • Managing and retaining relationship with clients
  • Knowing market position of the company
  • Identifying and assessment of business strengths and customer needs
  • Reviewing business position with growing market
  • Attending meetings and seminars with seniors
  • Reporting findings and needing improvements

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