Human Rights

Who can apply?

Students in the field of Sociology, Education and who are interested in the study of Human rights efforts can apply for the internship and thesis writing from bachelor degree, master degree and PhDs to garnish both academic and practical skills and competencies and real life experiences in relevant fields.

Importance of the Program

Nepal is democratic federal republic country. Nepal has recently promulgated its constitution by the elected constitutional assembly. In fact, it is the newest federal republic till date in the world. It is in the historical period of political transition from democracy with constitutional monarchy to federal republic democracy. Many issues of human rights are still left unsettled in terms of legal provisions and general practices. There are many unresolved issues of illegal detention, extrajudicial execution, corruption, gender and cast based discrimination etc.

Nepal has made little progress on justice for serious abuses committed by both sides during its decade-long civil war, in which an estimated 13,000 people died. Efforts to ensure prosecutions in civilian courts for serious human rights and humanitarian law violations during the conflict remain stalled. People around the world have struggled to gain equal rights for all citizens. They have attempted to push their governments to recognize that they, as human beings, deserve the right to just equal treatment. Nepalese have also joined in this struggle, many were jailed and some even died in their attempts to institute a government that protects the rights of all Nepalese. Although Nepal’s human rights situation has improved following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, challenges remain for protecting the rights of all. The problem in Nepal now is to distinguish between human rights and human wrongs. Morals are costly to maintain. So are rights, especially the universal human rights. Condition of human rights in Nepal provides great learning opportunities for the students of human rights of all levels on various issues.

Fields of Study

  • Gender based discrimination
  • Cast based discrimination
  • Illegal detention and extrajudicial execution
  • Corruption
  • Violation of children rights


Open for all months

Duration of the program

Depends on academic requirements

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