Home Stay

Nepal is a land of smiling faces where hospitality is a highly prioritized practice in daily life of Nepalese people. Hospitality practices in Nepalese culture are based on the tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’  (‘The guest is equivalent to God’) and ‘Basudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (‘the world is one family’). These two ancient statements are the guiding principles of Nepalese hospitality from ancient time. Therefore, all the guests in Nepalese tradition are highly revered and their comforts and well-being are regarded as pious act.

Our home stay center at the outskirt of Kathmandu is located at serene surrounding in close proximity of nature with peaceful atmosphere. We have designed our services at the center in a way of reflecting above-mentioned two guiding principles placing our guests’ comforts and wellbeing at the center. Our services at the center reflect Nepalese tradition and culture. All the participants in our internship programs will stay and receive Nepalese hospitality services in our home stay facility.

Host family

Host family refers to the family that hosts our volunteers in their working field. It is also based on the idea of home stay, a traditional hospitality services for the guests. All the participants in our volunteer programs will receive a host family in the community where they do their volunteer services. All the services provided by our host families are entirely based on Nepalese tradition where our volunteers are served with Nepalese meals. During their stay with the host family, they get opportunity to be acquainted with local people, culture, tradition and their way of life.