CPH EduTravel is Internship and volunteering service provider. It is based on the principle of learning in real life context. It allows participants of the programs to connect their learning with the pressing issues in the society. CPH EduTravel aims to provide students opportunity to explore a different social setting with different culture, tradition and way of living of the people allowing them to develop skills and competencies based on their academic requirements. We deliver best services. Our programs are designed in a way of creating a wonderful work experience and life long memories along with academic fulfillment in the participants. Students from all level, Professional and volunteers are equally be benefited through our internship and volunteering programs.  We assist our clients from the start to the ending of the program through our team of professionals.

Internship programs of CPH EduTravel deliver the best services for the people to become aware of their future career path needs. Direct involvement of interns and volunteers in different activities in the community with the local people provide them with valuable work experiences and enhances their ability apply their knowledge and skills in order to solve the unresolved issues. CPH EduTravel provides opportunity to the interns and volunteers to visit and gain experience of working with Nepalese communities with different economic, cultural, political and social settings. Along with our wide range of programs, we provide maximum flexibility to the applicants with our customized service to select the program that fits their requirements.