Micro-Finance and Poverty Alleviation

Who can Apply?

Students from Bachelor degree, Master Degree and PhDs from different fields of social science studies such as social entrepreneurship development, Sociology, Development, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and etc. can apply for the internship, Field Visit, research paper and thesis writing.

Importance of the Program

In the research scholar point of view, it can be a fascinating field of study who have keen to research in the field of micro-finance and its impact on poorest poor people’s daily life.

The recent studies has indicated that microfinance is one of the best technique to improve the livelihood of poor to poorest people in developing and under-developing countries. Nepal government has been adopted as a vital tool for poverty alleviation program

The field of Program

Microfinance institutions provide financial services to create various types of job and income opportunities for poor people in Nepal. At present, there are both formal and informal practices of micro-finance services in the country side. In formal micro-finance sectors, there are commercial banks, development banks, rural micro-finance development banks, and finance companies. In semi-formal sectors, there are Savings and Credit Cooperatives and Financial Intermediary Non-Governmental Organizations. In informal sectors, there are Saving and Credit Organizations, Self-help Groups and landlords, merchants, traders, friends and relatives.


Open all the months


Depends on Academic requirement

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