Rural Development and Community Mobilization

Who can apply?

Students of Bachelor, Masters or Career Changer who are studying humanities, with rural development as their major subject. Students who want to study and do research on community mobilization in Nepal can also apply.

Importance of Program

Majority of population in Nepal live in rural area. Without changing the life of those living in rural area, the aim of sustainable development cannot be achieved. Therefore, rural development and community mobilization are top priorities in both government and non-government initiatives in the country. There are many communities based on rural area development programs in action in different sectors like renewable clean energy, health, education, nature conservation and economy. Community forest, community school, small-scale water-powered village electrification programs, saving groups etc. are some community mobilization programs in Nepal.

It provides a wonderful opportunity to acquire and explore theoretical and practical knowledge in real context in relevant field of your interest. Our program for the internship and thesis writing on the issue of rural development and community mobilization are as follows:

Fields Of Study

The internship program in rural development and community mobilization are focused on development of theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the following fields:

  • Community forestry
  • Community based micro-hydroelectricity
  • Community school
  • Community healthcare


Open all the months


Depends on Academic requirement

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