Sociology and Anthropology

Who can apply?

High School Students, Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Career Changer.

Students studying education, religion, the body and identity and others related subjects can apply.

Importance of the Program

Sociology and Anthropology is the study of human social behavior, especially the study of the origins, organizations, institutions, and development of human society. In other word, it is a subject matter that analyses the social institution or communal segment as a self-contained entity or in relation to society as a whole. Nepal is a multicultural, multilingual and multi-religious country because of that it has a very rich diverse culture and traditions. There are hundreds of different ethnicities with their own language, culture and tradition. Differences between them can be seen from their food habits and dress codes to language and music. They are uniquely different from each-others. They have traditional way of living. Their religion, culture and tradition are deeply imbedded in their daily life. They celebrate different feasts and festivals throughout the year. Despite that such an immense diversity among them, they have been able to maintain high level of social and religious harmony and tolerance.

There is a challenge to establish academia as a serious profession and not just stepping stone into the consultancy world. The students writing skills, which are important for their academic success, need to be enhanced. This will help bridge the gulf between what they learn in the classroom and their engagement with the academia. Therefore, Nepal’s culture and tradition provide best possible opportunities for the students and researchers of sociology, anthropology, culture and traditions to alleviate their theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject to a new level.

Fields of Study

In order to provide a wide range of opportunities and choices for the students, we have designed internship programs on following sub-topics:

  • Folk music and dance
  • Ethnicity and Language
  • Feasts and Festivals


Open all the months


Depends on Academic requirement

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