Tourism & Hospitality

Who can Apply?

Students from Bachelor degree, Master Degree can apply for the internship, Field Visit, research paper and thesis writing.

Why Nepal is important

Nepal’s natural beauty and its rich history, cultural religious and historical heritage site has made worlds one of best destination for nature lover, holiday maker, recreation and travellers. Among 10 highest mountains in the world, 8 are in Nepal. Therefore, it is a hotspot of tourists’ destination for rock climbing, mountaineering and trekking. There are many rivers with deep gorges, valleys, forests and river basins. Therefore, it is also famous for river-rafting, bungee jumping, jungle safari and other form of adventurous tourism.

Nepal is also a melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism and is immensely enriched by the teachings of these two great religions and their diversified manifestation in hundreds of ethnical groups with each of them having a unique way of living. Nepal’s multicultural, multilingual and multi-religious structure enriched by Hindu and Buddhist heritages and traditions are the links, which connect present with the rich culture of ancient and medieval period Nepal. There are many world heritage sites in Nepal, which are Lumbini the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Durbar Squares, countless ancient temples, Stupas and monasteries. They are other great hotspots of tourist’s attraction and have fascinated hundreds of thousands tourists from around the world. The traditional way of living of different ethnic groups and their welcoming nature has won great admiration from the people around the globe. Therefore, Nepal is a great living library to acquire knowledge, and cultivate skills and competencies for the students of tourism and hospitality management. Nepal’s tourism and hospitality sector provides a greater sphere of diverse opportunities for the students in order to meet their requirement and explore further in the field of adventurous tourism, historical tourism, cultural and religious tourism, eco-tourism, recreational tourism and many more.

Field of Study

Our internship program in tourism and hospitality management has been designed to develop theoretical and practical knowledge on following fields, which students can choose based on their interest and requirements: Hospitality Management, Travel and tours  , Adventurous tourism, Rural tourism and home stay and Ecological tourism


Open all the months


Depends on Academic requirement


The activities of the programme is progressive and depending on your area of specialization. The common areas are offered as:

  • Placement in hotels, travel agencies, organizations, government offices ad tourist information center for the  Administration tasks handling, marketing and public relation
  • Visiting to the organizations; Society of Travel and Tour Operators, Trekking Agencies Association, Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents, Hotel Association of Nepal
  • Field research 

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