Women Empowerment

Who can apply?

Students in the field of Sociology, Education and who are interested in the study of women’s condition and their empowerment efforts can apply for the internship and thesis writing from bachelor degree, master degree and PhDs to garnish both academic and practical skills and competencies and real life experiences in relevant fields.

Importance of Program

Nepal is a patriarchal society and women are subordinate to their male counterpart. They are subject to number of domestic, social, economic and legal discriminations. There is significant change in women’s condition in recent days due to the numbers of social, economic, political and legal interventions from governmental and non-governmental institutions; but they are still far behind their male counterparts in terms of their access to social, economic, legal and political opportunity. In general, they are still the victims of domestic violence, trafficking for prostitution, dependency on men for their social and economic welfare, deprivation of education and economic opportunities. However, there are number of interventions such as women education, women empowerment programs, women trafficking prevention programs, women cooperatives, micro-credit programs, self-employment programs, women health programs etc. which are gradually showing the sign of change in women condition in the country.

Fields Of Study

We provide internship and thesis writing programs in the field women’s condition and empowerment programs in Nepal under fours topics:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Women Trafficking and Prevention
  • Domestic violence
  • Health and Education


Open all the months


Depends on Academic Requirements

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