Yoga and Meditation

Who can apply?

High School Students, Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Career Changer. Not only students, this program can be accepted by particular individual too.

Importance of the Program

Nepal is a melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism. Two great religions and their rich practices of yoga and meditation are highly practiced in the country, which are highly relevant in one’s daily life irrespective of cultures and religions. It has been a great destination for those who want to learn the practices of Yoga and Meditation from the time immemorial in their quest of peace and happiness. Many great yogis and enlightened masters like Buddha, Swargadwari Mahaprabhu, Shivapuri Baba, Khaptad Swami, Balguru Shadananda and many others were born here and have been the source of inspirations for generations for the practices of yoga and meditation of self-fulfillment. Mystical practices, mastered through severe practice of yoga and meditation, are deeply rooted in peoples’ daily life though they are not randomly demonstrated in public. So, Nepal is also called the land of mysticism. There are many authentic yoga and meditation masters in the country from both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Nepal provides greatest possible opportunity for the students of yoga and meditation to learn their practices and explore its boundless sphere. Nepal Yoga and Meditation tour is unique opportunity for those interested in the intensification of both the body and mind.

Our program for the internship in Yoga and Meditation have been designed as a holistic approach in order to make sure a best possible understanding in theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of the practices of yoga and meditation in the students.


Open all the months


Depends on Academic requirement

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